Frequently Asked Questions:


How does the Janitorial staff work in big spaces?
We train our staff in a efficient way to take care of big spaces.


Does your staff have waste management knowledge ? 

Our janitorial personnel is trained in the proper way of handling waste receptacles. We provide double trash buckets; one for recycling and one for trash.


Do we follow the Scope of Work?

We thoroughly understand all contract requirements and follow through with all the specifications in the Scope of Work, including all semi-annual and quarterly services.


Do your crew members have procedure training?

Yes, we do. Whenever we start a new project we ensure to train our staff a week before to provide the best services possible.


Do you provide equipment?

Yes, we do. Whenever we launch a new project we buy new equipment to be able to provide services efficiently


What type of equipment do you use?

We use industrial machinery in order to perform utility services like carpet extraction and stripping and waxing services.We use Tenant Buffer’s to strip the wax off and any other dirt residues in the floor. We use Minuteman high speed buffers to polish the floors. For the carpets we use the highest quality equipment available, we have various carpet extraction systems, that includes Karcher Armada extractors and we have tenant carpet shampoo extractors. We use the highest quality vacuums, we make sure that they are all hepa filtered. We purchase Pro-team backpack vacuums.


Do you hire independent subcontractors?

We are currently not hiring independent subcontractors, please check back in the future.


What are your certifications?
We are certified with LBE (Local Business Enterprise),  SBA which works closely with the System of Award Management (SAM). SAM.GOV, allows us to do business with the Federal Government. We are also certified by the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) which works with Caltrans and are able to do business with many transportation agencies.


Is your staff background checked?
Yes, they are. We want to ensure our clients feel safe in their workplace.


Are you available for On-Call or Emergency Services?
Yes, we are. We send our crew or supervisors to help with the emergency as soon as they can.


Do we service additional facilities not included in the contract?

We do provide services that are not included in the contract upon request of the client.

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